Class Descriptions



This Yoga class is great for improving range of motion, stress relief, injury prevention, and calming the mind. This is a great balance to your strength and conditioning routine.

Mobility & Conditioning

A mix of strength & conditioning with mobility training. Improve your balance, range of motion, endurance and strength. This class intended for beginners, but all are welcome. Francisco habla espanol!

Evo Strength

This energetic strength & conditioning class will keep you moving and increase your strength and endurance.


This High Intensity Interval Training class uses a variety of cardio & weights as well as resistance bands & suspension training to build your core. Tabata uses 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest.


Think yoga is easy? Try again. This class will challenge your strength, endurance, as well as your flexibility!



Inspired by the combination of martial arts and boxing, this energetic class will boost your power kicks, improve your speed, and enhance your agility.


When you feel like quitting, but know it's not an option. Challenging exercises that will burn fat and help you reach your fitness goals faster. Francisco habla espanol!


This high intensity strength & conditioning class will challenge your endurance & strength. Sip's energy will motivate you to new levels while having fun. Use this class to reenergize your fitness routine!


Bored with cardio!? Sip will change that and give you an intense spin class that is fun and challenging. Bring your health to another level and feel the burn!


This intense & heart pumping spin class will help you burn calories! The energetic music will keep you motivated through the burn. You control the resistance & speed, Tressa brings the motivation!


This High Intensity Interval class focuses on full body strength & cardio exercises. Burn more calories in less time while getting stronger & improving your cardiovascular health!



This intense class will push you and help you get the results you want! This class emphasizes the glutes and the abs!!!



High intensity interval training.  A mixture of cardio and strength training at a high intensity level with short rest periods will give you the ultimate full-body workout. Francisco habla espanol!


Short on time! Get a quick intense spin class in to start your day!!!

The classes below will be available when we have instructors available for them. Check schedules for changes and updates. We got this!

This is our Beats ride. Two ride formats linked by the common thread of Soul! Let the beat of the music drive your cadence, with your legs will moving at speeds you didn't think possible. Or, turn off the technology for an inward journey focused on the mind/body connection.



A powerful series for people looking for a more challenging Yoga workout.  This is a greath strength and endurance class for a slim, strong, toned and flexible body.




Get fit inside and out.  Revelation class brings the best out in you!  Your best body, your best state of mind.  You'll leave every class smiling!

The original, low-impact barbell class that delivers real results, real fast using light weight with high repetitions to get stronger, leaner and more toned.

Shake it


It's hip!  It's hot!  It's the latest dance grooves set to the hottest music.  This high-energy dance workout will make you sweat while you enjoy the dance party.